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Why September Is A Power Month In Numerology

September is a special month in numerology. This is the month when your personal year number and your personal month number turn out the same. Your personal year is calculated using the following formula –

Birth Date + Birth Month + Universal Year

The current universal year is 2+0+2+1 = 5

This is how your calculation would look like.

E.g. 16 + 12 + 5
= 7 + 3 + 5
= 15
= 6

So, your personal year is 6.

Your personal month is calculated using the following formula.

Personal Year + Calendar Month

E.g. 6 + 9
= 15
= 6

This happens every September. Whatever personal gifts, lessons and challenges we are meant to learn this year get intense in September. Whatever we are destined to go through this year, we will feel the weight of it this month. Whatever rises September onward, consider it the last leg of your 2021 experience or journey. This is the beginning of the wrap-up so the next chapter can open up.

Personal numbers run between 1 and 9.

Keep reading for some insights on your personal year number for September.

Personal Year Number 1

This has been a year of changes and new beginnings for you. New opportunities and directions have shown up for you, but you may be experiencing some fear or uncertainty around them. This is definitely a time to embrace the change life is offering you. Plant the new seeds and water them. Take small steps if the change overwhelms or scares you. Honour the new chapter of your life.

Personal Year Number 2

This is the year of duality and oneness for you. Your need for connection and companionship is heightened this year. If you’re single and looking, or if you haven’t been able to meet your loved ones due to the pandemic, this year would have been extra challenging for you. Find a practice of stillness and awareness that works for you. Spending time in nature, meditation, walking – whatever helps you slow down and feel grounded. Practice empathy.

Personal Year Number 3

This year is about expressing yourself. If you have been locking up your thoughts and feelings, this is the year to be open about them. It’s a great opportunity to release pent-up emotions and find your voice. The year also holds a very potent creative energy for you to play with. In whichever area of your life you feel challenged, see how you can use the creative energy to make the best of the situation.

Personal Year Number 4

This is the year to review the structures in your life. You’re asked to create new boundaries especially in family matters. Old family wounds come up so you can finally heal yourself. Decide what kind of energy you want in your life, and align your home’s energy with it. A very good year to remove old clutter and renovate your home. While there may be a feeling of stagnancy or lack of movement when it comes to work, this is the time to get the groundwork ready.

Personal Year Number 5

This has been a year of unexpected changes for everyone, but especially for you. You find yourself in a new work environment, new opportunities, and you’re feeling more extroverted than usual. Channel your heightened energy and creativity towards something that adds to your life. If you’re looking for a new love, keep your heart open in September. Find a slowing-down activity for yourself like journaling, meditation or yoga to balance the excess energy you have this year.

Personal Year Number 6

This year is about healing and rejuvenation. If life situations have been challenging, you may find yourself in the role of a caretaker. But you need rest just as much as others. Don’t be in a rush to heal everything and everyone overnight. Healing is a process. Give yourself the time to rest and honour yourself. Therapy, meditation, and yoga maybe a few ways that can support your healing process.

Personal Year Number 7

You may have had a spiritual experience, awakening, or a glimpse into awakening this year. You are extra-sensitive this year, and have a need for solitude. If you’ve found yourself intuitively into a project or work, September will be a good time to take things forward. You may have been too much into your head on many occasions – it’ll help to shift into your heart for a piece of wisdom or two.

Personal Year Number 8

This year has been about personal power – either you’ve given it away or are in the process of reclaiming it. You may have gained a new understanding of the talents you have. If you have been meaning to state your opinion or stand up for yourself, this is the time. September also calls you to get your finances in order.

Personal Year Number 9

This would have been a rollercoaster year for you. While, on one hand, you’re being asked to prepare for new beginnings, on the other hand, you’re being asked to deal with painful endings. It’s the last chapter of this cycle, and you’ll get a fresh start soon. But for now, just surrender to life. Birth is the pre-requisite for tragedy. We never escape it, we only navigate it. So, surrender. Sit back and let life do its job.

Which personal year are you in? Share your experience in the comments.

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