Weekly Tarot Forecast

Weekly Tarot: Oct 18-24, 2021

This week comes with the energy of logic, clarity, and trusting your instincts and intuition.

The Eight of Pentacles is representative of a work in progress that is soon to be a completed masterpiece. Eight is the number of mastery and accomplishment. Completion of one dream is just the beginning of another. The Eight of Pentacles advices us that dedication even after the reward has been received is not only beneficial, but extremely important.

This card indicates a period of dedication, hard work, focus, and ambition to improve one’s skills and reach a new level of mastery. In finance or career, it signifies the need for purpose. If the work we are doing is not meaningful, then we need to find the path that leads to enjoying what we do. When it comes to love, the Eight of Pentacles urges us to find a balance between our work and our romantic life.

King of Swords is a strong male figure who is very sure of himself and believes in head over heart. He is strong in his morals and doesn’t compromise on his gain. When he appears in a reading, it normally signifies someone else in our life. This card usually represents a strong, authoritative male figure that has good intentions.

This card may be indicating that this person is the key to unlocking our full potential.

This card also reflects structure, routine, and level-headedness. It may also mean that we need to pay more attention to logic and stop letting our heart lead the way. It embodies critical thinking and making decisions based on facts rather than feelings. If we are at crossroads, we need to make sure we are thinking through every possibility before making a decision.

In Love, if single, the King of Swords may signify that we are beginning a relationship with someone new whose personality will embody the attitude of the King.

Oracle Advice Card: Dana
High Priestess – “You have Divine Knowledge that can help others through your spiritual teaching.”

1. Trust your intuition

2. Express and spread your wisdom

3. Manifest spiritual awakening

4. Honour your divinity

Lucky Colour: Blue (signifying peace and harmony)

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