The Better Soul Weekly Tarot Oct 11-17, 2021

Weekly Tarot: Oct 11-17, 2021

The upcoming week’s energy has something new and something old all at once with the Fool’s Card, Six of Cups and the Heirophant.

The Fool Card is the first card in the major arcana, representing a new beginning and an end to something in your old life. It’s the number zero (0) of the Major Arcana, which stands for the number of unlimited potentials. To see the Fool card generally indicates that we are on the verge of an unexpected and exciting new adventure. This may require us to take a blind leap of faith. There will be a rewarding experience that will contribute to our growth. It can also be seen as a call to risk-taking. With that comes a mixture of anticipation, wonder, awe, and curiosity.

The Six of Cups represents innocence, nostalgia, and positive thinking. This card has an overall feel of childhood and nostalgia. It embodies feeling free and allowing our past experiences to guide us down our new paths. We will be feeling playful, compassionate, and willing to help others when this card appears. If this isn’t the current mood, it may suggest it’s time to get into this zone.

In career, it indicates successful teamwork, creativity, and prosperous collaborations. In love, the Six of Cups predicts that there will either be rekindling of an old romance or a past life soulmate.

The Heirophant serves as the masculine counterpart of the High Priestess. Also known as the High Priest, it is a symbol of traditional values. When this card shows up in a reading, it represents a necessity to follow existing conventions, rules, or a well-established procedure. It helps us awaken and nurture your core values. The Hierophant tarot card can also be a sign that we need to bring back family customs that are being neglected.

It’s often called a wedding card and is a very good omen. The one that feels like ‘meant to be’ and almost sacred. In work or spiritual path, we may find someone who will act as a mentor or a guide.

Advice for the week:

1. Go with the new & go with the flow

2. Bring back child-like energies in your life

3. Consolidate traditional values & work on self growth.

Lucky Colour: Red

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