The Better Soul Weekly Tarot Dec 13-19, 2021

Weekly Tarot: Dec 13-19, 2021

The upcoming week brings new & feisty energies with the Queen of Wands and Ace of Wands. But by the end of the week we may need to take a step back & spend some time alone to recuperate.

Queen of Wands
The Queen tackles every problem with gusto. A woman in charge who is not only feisty, fierce, determined and passionate, but also authentic. When the Queen appears in a reading, she either represents us or another important female in our life. We’re called to come into this energy. It can also be a sign of fertility. If single and looking for love, the Queen suggests connecting with someone who has similar interests.

Ace of Wands
The Ace is full of a creative energy that breathes life into things that did not exist before. It represents an adventurous & passionate new beginning or an offer. In work, if we want a new position or hope to become an entrepreneur, this ace can signify that now is the time. In love, if single, a whirlwind relationship is headed our way. And this person will be hard to miss as he or she may not be our usual ‘type.’ Because this card is all about breakthroughs, it can represent healing in romantic relationships. And with the Ace in play, sparks would be fly!

Four of Swords
The regular day-to-day routine can leave us feeling mentally drained and in need of some isolation. Now is the time to step away from the crowd and recharge our batteries. We might be dealing with conflict in our family, relationship, or friend circle that is causing us to want to withdraw. Taking a break from work, going on a short holiday, spending some time in nature or meditating will be the mantra. This will help us to gain strength and clarity. In career, now may be a good time for us to re-evaluate our work situation and decide if this career is a good fit. In love, there are two interpretations. The first denotes a relationship returning to normal after a period of disagreement. The second is that we are confronted with new issues that could make or break our relationship. If we wish to continue the connection, we will have to accept what is and be willing to compromise.

Oracle Advice
“Keep your unwavering thoughts, feelings, and actions focused on your target, and you will make your mark”

👉Stay positive and know what your priorities are.
👉 Take action and release all your doubts.

Lucky colour: Golden yellow

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