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Weekly Tarot: Sep 13 -19, 2021

This week’s energy seems to be very powerful and explosive. It brings in the Tower to abruptly end certain aspects of our lives, and as a result we come into a power close to an emperor’s. We’re also reminded by our spirit guides that we’re protected under all circumstances.

Generally, the Tower signifies total destruction. It asks us to prepare for things to be levelled and dismantled. As with all losses, this will be a painful process, but will lead to a fresh start. Some of the situations that usually follow the fall of the Tower include the loss of a job or a very stressful work environment. Tower can predict failure at business, financial losses, legal trouble or bankruptcy. This card advices us to embrace it, calmly endure it, and then move towards a positive change.

In relationships, the Tower usually predicts an ending of a friendship, a break-up, or a divorce. The endings are often connected to deception of some kind and eventual uncovering of the truth. Often sudden and unexpected good events and things are also brought in by a Tower moment.

The Emperor card is the father archetype of the tarot deck and the number 4 of the Major Arcana cards. This card symbolizes power, strength, and success. There is a possibility of coming into some actual power, exercising authority over subordinates, or becoming a boss in your business. If you have been working hard, it will surely pay off!

This card can also signify someone in your life who is stable and trustworthy. He is a paternal figure who brings structure and security, and creates rules and systems. It can also imply that we are adopting a fatherly role, taking care of our family and protecting them.

Oracle Advice: Artemis
Guardian – “You and your loved ones are safe and spiritually protected”

1. Spread love and light.

2. Your ancestors and angels are watching over you and your loved ones.

3. The worst is over. Your future is safe and secure, and all your needs will be provided for always.

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