Virgo New Moon September 2021

The general energy around new moons is to turn inwards and to slow down. But this New Moon in Virgon on September 6 is quite productive & progressive with a lot of favourable influences.

Let’s dive right into it.

  1. This new moon in Virgo highlights the areas around our work, routine, structures and health. At a macro level, this definitely speaks about the job market, economy, public healthcare, and perhaps a technological advancement (possibly in healthcare).
  2. We are called to reinvent ourselves. Shake things up a bit, even! (Especially because we may experience fogginess and laziness!) We are asked to be open to new ideas, innovation & technology. (New Moon trine Uranus).
  3. Work is definitely a key area, and with Mars too in Virgo, we are called to be productive, and to take big, bold steps. Expect personal transformations, especially in terms of work with the harmony between Mars & Pluto.
  4. Despite the productive energy, we will be dealing with some confusion, fogginess or laziness, so it’s best to be a little extra cautious.
  5. While there will be moments of expansion and enjoyment of the finer things in life, we may also experience power struggles and even endings in personal relationships.

See what comes up from this New Moon to the next one in October, and remember to give yourself a break. Even with the high productive energy, find pockets of stillness in your daily life. There is no substitute for the healing that happens in solitude.

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