Numerology Insight: September 2021

September is a Universal Month 5 in a number Universal Year 5, making it the peak energy of the year. This month is going to be about change, transformation and new opportunities.

In numerology, 5 is also about freedom and adaptability.

This month you may be looking forward to a new job, a shift in location, moving houses, or entering new social circles or friendships. And especially if you have put in a lot of hard work in the month of August which was the Universal Month 4 of building foundations, you will be reaping rewards this month.

But while there are new opportunities, we may also find ourselves on the downside of life. The whole month may seem like a rollercoaster, changing the moment you think you just got used to it. So if you feel like you’ve been hit by a tornado, you’re not alone. 5 is a tornado energy.

How to make the best of September’s 5 energy

  1. Say yes to new opportunities
  2. Take calculated risks
  3. Get out of your comfort zone
  4. Be flexible & adaptable
  5. Build discipline

While building discipline and being flexible may seem contrary, remember that freedom is best enjoyed when you have a safety cushion.

The freedom that September brings is exactly what we need. It almost feels like it’s long overdue. So this is the freedom you can enjoy – whether it’s a new job, a travel opportunity, a business opportunity, going on dates if you’re single, getting out of toxic relationships & workplaces – it’s definitely the month to celebrate your liberation. The Universe is driving this. So we may just sit in the passenger seat and soak in the scenery.

And while we’re at it, it’s also wise to remember that seatbelts help. The ride may be so adventurous that we feel directionless after a point. We may be so intoxicated by the freedom that we dismantle all structures only to find out that we have nothing to hold onto when the world won’t stop spinning.

Where is the joy in new opportunities when we don’t have the discipline to make the best of them? Where is the joy in relationships when we don’t have the will to commit and nurture it?

It’s really fun to spin around a few times, then stop and do something else. Then, spin around again. But if all we do is spin around all the time, then we’re surely going to feel giddy.

Let this month be a reminder that freedom tastes better with a dash of discipline.

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