The Better Soul's Numerology Insight: December 2021
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Numerology Insight: November 2021

November is a 7 Universal Month in a 5 Universal Year. While 7 is introverted, 5 is extroverted. While 7 is patient and meticulous, 5 wants to take risk and is restless. While 7 doesn’t care so much about materialistic things, 5 loves to indulge. But both 7 and 5 share a love for unusual and uncommon things. Both love travel.

November is mostly about finding a way to cope with whatever we’re dealt with. You may feel as if you’re being forced to go with the flow. You may feel forced to accept reality. You may feel very unsettled. You may have a tendency to dwell a bit too much into something that’s caught your attention. Being too much in your head isn’t helpful because there is at play an intelligence way more powerful than the human mind. Your mind doesn’t have an answer for everything. So, give it some rest.

The key to navigating this month is to surrender. Surrender to life, to God, to the Universe – whatever it is that makes sense to you – and just keep going through the motions of life. There is light at the end of this tunnel. Some things are just too big to be fixed by our limited minds and our sensitive egos. You may feel the need to keep thinking, keep stressing, keep researching in order to find a solution, to beat life. Eventually, it’ll get tiring.

When you’ve been fighting reality and failing, surrendering is a good alternative. It doesn’t mean you quit life. It just means you quit fighting it. Tell yourself – Yes, this is what is happening right now, and even if I don’t understand it / I don’t like it / I don’t want it, I’m gonna let life do its thing. Because that is how it works anyway. November wants to remind us that our biggest strength is our willingness to surrender. A great month for a spiritual retreat, yoga, meditation, healing sessions, therapy, taking a course, learn something new, or a solo trip. Take good care of your health.

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