The Better Soul's Numerology Insight: December 2021
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Numerology Insight: December 2021

We are in the last month of year 2021, and what a gift this month is going to be! It’s the Universal Month 8 – the number of power, manifestation, and abundance. 

In November, we were asked to go within. A lot of us would have gone through bouts of anxiety, stress, poor decisions, loneliness, and even existential crisis. But November was also the time to connect with our spiritual side, our values and our true inner self. If we were in a ‘down and out’ state in November, then December is going to be a month of empowerment. 

8, in its shape, will tell you that it’s about balancing two worlds – the material world and the spiritual world. That is why November’s self-contemplation was needed to learn how you can balance your worlds this month. 

You will be asked to end the stories of victimhood, and step into your power. This is the month when the universe is going to enhance whatever you are putting your energy into. 8 is often misunderstood as just the number of money. And while some people might not agree, I believe money is the easiest to manifest. What 8 is fundamentally about is power.

Are you giving yourself the power or have you let somebody else take charge of your life – a parent, a boss, a relationship, a religious guru, etc.? 

The most important thing you can do before you manifest abundance for yourself is to state you values to the universe.

Who are you?
What do you believe in?
What matters the most to you?

If you are unable to find the answers to these questions, ask yourself what angers you or what is completely intolerable. The opposite of that would be your values. E.g. if you hate cheating, then honesty and truth are your values. 

This is the month to stand in you power. End situations and relationships that no longer match your values, and say yes to opportunities of prosperity that do.

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